Luxury Villas at Akrotiri Santorini
  • Is Our Villa Santorini open year round?

    The Villa is open from May to October.

  • Is Our Villa Santorini situated in a quiet or a loud environment?

    The Villa is situated in a quiet environment at the area of Acrotiri not far from the Lighthouse where there is nothing more to hear other than the sweet noise of the summer breeze.

  • What is Our Villa Santorini policy on check-in and check-out times?

    Check-in time: from 2:00 p.m. / Checkout time: 12:00 noon at the day of departure. Late check-out may be arranged upon availability until 4:00 p.m. *Late check-out charges may apply. Please note that requests for early check-in or late checkout are agreed upon availability. If the Villa is fully booked, we may be unable to grant your request.

  • What is the maximum occupancy policy for Our Villa Santorini?

    Maximum occupancy for our villa is 4 adults, with one king-size bed in the Master bedroom and two single beds in the other room. We highly recommend our villa for one couple alone or with two (2) kids that can each one sleep on a single size bed. We can additionally provide a crib that could be accommodated in the Master bedroom or in the living room.

  • Does Our Villa Santorini provide private parking space?

    Yes, we offer free parking place.

  • Are pets allowed in Our Villa Santorini? 

    Pets are welcome in the property and that for we do have an outdoor dog house at a nice an safe area right out of the villas entry door. Unfortunately pets are not aloud in the house due to the extended cleaning process that we have to follow after check out.

  • Is the Villa accessible for guests with a kinetic disability?

    Unfortunately, Our Villa Santorini does not meet all requirements to be 'wheelchair accessible', but still we know that we can try and find solutions in case by case. Should you need more detailed information, please send us a message at

  • Is tap water safe to drink?

    No, tap water in Santorini in general is not safe to drink and that for you will find at your arrival in the villa a few bottles of bottled water to cover your first needs until you get the type that you prefer.

  • What power supply do you have?

    Power supply in Greece is 220V. Sockets accept two-round pin plugs. Adapters are readily available at any supermarket, or just ask us to help you out.

  • What time zone does Santorini has?

    Santorini, like the rest of Greece, is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Time (GMT +2) and adjusts to summertime at 4am on the last Sunday in March. It is set back to winter time at 4am on the last Sunday in October.

  • What are the shop opening hours in Santorini?

    Shop opening hours vary, but are usually from 9am – 11pm daily in summertime. Banks and post offices are open Mon – Fri from 08.00 – 14.00 hours.

  • Do you have places of interest in the area?

    There are plenty of highlights and places of interest to visit in the area. Have a look at our section “Things to do in Santorini”.

  • What climate do you have?

    In Santorini the climate is almost typically Mediterranean but has some influences from the North African climate. The island has hot, dry weather in summer and mild winters. Temperatures in July and August range from 86ºF (30ºC) during the day to 72ºF (22ºC) at night, although it can get hotter during heat waves.

  • Can I have access to the Internet?

    Yes, our Villa provides Internet access and has a free Wi-Fi zone.

  • Can I rent a car?

    Car rentals are readily available, or just ask us to assist you.